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Homecooked food at Jacob’s

***As of January 2014, Jacob’s has closed down *** It was one of those days when you wanted to eat some place new and you would not settle for the usual suspects. We used looloo and Google map to search the area for a place we have not tried. We saw one but when we […]

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The Inconvenience of Love

Music playing: The Redemption Song by Bob Marley Tomorrow, the Philippines will once again try to make history as it calls for a #MillionPeopleMarch at the Luneta Grandstand. The march was assembled by taxpayers who have had just about enough of this long-running corrupt system (particularly the Pork Barrel). A lot of people I know […]

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The reality of loss

Music playing: Paglisan (Cover) Just barely two weeks ago, I lost a dear friend of mine from college to cardiac arrest. He was 26 years old when he died, and his name is Marco. Marco and I were not close in the sense that we went out every weekend, or had stories from way back […]

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