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The road to Guevarra’s

The road to Guevarra’s buffet lunch was long and winding, but definitely worth it. No, it wasn’t because it was far. In fact it’s just along P.Guevarra St. in San Juan. The road to Guevarra’s was long because there was a long line of people constantly waiting to be seated. We attempted to eat there […]

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It was a Thursday evening and we were looking for the perfect place to have dinner and stay late to catch up with  a friend we have not seen in  a while. We were set to go to a 24-hour resto-pub but when we got there, the place was closed to the public to accommodate […]

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Holding My Breath

Music playing: Worn by Tenth North Avenue I hold my breath. The other day I was watching this yoga video and the instructor was showing the proper way of inhaling and exhaling. I was trying it out for myself and I realized that when I exhale, I didn’t exhale fully. I stopped and monitored how […]

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