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The morning after 20 years

Ever since Kobe announced his retirement from basketball at the start of this NBA season, I have wondered what it would be like for him to wake up the morning after his last game. I imagine there would be a moment of silence – perhaps Vanessa, his wife, would still be sleeping soundly beside him and his beautiful daughters would still be tucked in their beds. It would be just him with his thoughts. What would it be like for him to open his eyes, knowing that there won’t be practice, or a match to prepare for? What does it […]

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He knows and that’s all I need to know

So this is Annie Downs’ entry on Nicole Kidman’s appearance at The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. And it was just wonderful. I remember how God also made me experience this truth in my life. Back in college, I had a friend. We were very close. We had so many common interests – books, sarcasm, college (mass communications), chick flicks, letters, food, card games – so we bonded quite easily. Later on in our friendship I discovered that she had issues with attachment. She would be very demanding of my attention and my time. She would have emotional outbursts with […]

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The measurement of life

Music Playing: Royals by Lorde HAPPY NEW YEAR! HAPPY 2014 TO YOU! I was rummaging through my thoughts on what my first entry would be this 2014, and I came across this article that my friend posted on another friend’s article on the local daily broadsheet, Inquirer. It’s spot on. It was moving, thought provocative, and best of all, rings truth. This past year (2013), I have become more passionate in living life to the fullest. With all the deaths, calamities and tragedies that I witnessed and experienced, I really saw how life is fleeting and how most of it […]

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