The road to Guevarra’s

The road to Guevarra’s buffet lunch was long and winding, but definitely worth it. No, it wasn’t because it was far. In fact it’s just along P.Guevarra St. in San Juan. The road to Guevarra’s was long because there was a long line of people constantly waiting to be seated. We attempted to eat there on several (special) occasions, and failed. It was that packed. Guevarra’s is owned by Chef Jackie Laudico who’s known for cooking up fantastic twists to Filipino-Spanish dishes, as well as baking sweet goodies. Anyway, she’s a client of my mom’s and she has been inviting […]

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It was a Thursday evening and we were looking for the perfect place to have dinner and stay late to catch up with  a friend we have not seen in  a while. We were set to go to a 24-hour resto-pub but when we got there, the place was closed to the public to accommodate an event. On the way to another venue, one of my friends suggested Sidebar at El Pueblo. Hmmm, I have not been there in a long time and the last time I was there, it was very smoky, dark and… I just didn’t like it. […]

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Holding My Breath

Music playing: Worn by Tenth North Avenue I hold my breath. The other day I was watching this yoga video and the instructor was showing the proper way of inhaling and exhaling. I was trying it out for myself and I realized that when I exhale, I didn’t exhale fully. I stopped and monitored how I breathed in and out, and it’s true. I hold my breath to a certain degree, never fully exhaling. I realized it says a lot about me. I’m almost always on guard. On the first days of having my new phone, I already downloaded an […]

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Homecooked food at Jacob’s

***As of January 2014, Jacob’s has closed down *** It was one of those days when you wanted to eat some place new and you would not settle for the usual suspects. We used looloo and Google map to search the area for a place we have not tried. We saw one but when we went to where it supposedly was, we could not find it. My brother suggested Jacob’s, the newly opened diner in our building. I vaguely remember reading its flyer posted on our fridge. With no other options we decided to go there. We were again at […]

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Newfound love for ramen: Kichitora

My brother just passed the civil service exam along with one of my dear girls from my group in church and naturally, it called for a celebration. I don’t know if it started as a joke but we actually managed to convince my brother to treat us to lunch. He chose to treat us in Kichitora, the fairly new ramen restaurant in the Atrium at SM Megamall. When he told me it was a ramen place, I couldn’t help but feel a bit disappointed. Japanese cuisine is truly one of my favorite cuisines but I have to admit that I […]

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