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Our Big, Brown, Baby

Music playing: Come Together by The Beatles I love cars. I have always found them to be really, really, really cool. If I were to live in an alternate universe where car theft is not considered a crime, I would be one. I fell in love in and with Gone In 60 Seconds, and The Fast and the Furious. I seriously love cars. When my parents put up a car magazine back when I was in high school, my love for them grew. I attended car launches, motoring events, and downloaded an mp3 of a car engine. I would turn […]

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The Countdown To My 29th Year (Part 3)

Music playing: All You Need Is Love by The Beatles Obviously, I did not get around to writing this entry on the day that I had hoped to. My birthday was wonderful — filled with lovely people and food. Lots of them that’s why by the time I got home, I was too exhausted to sit up and write a post. I wanted to the next morning but then super typhoon Yolanda (international name – Haiyan) came. And I was called in for duty. Yolanda pretty much took all my waking hours for the next two weeks. By the time […]

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The Countdown To My 29th Year (Part 2)

Music playing: I Love You More Today Than Yesterday by The Spiral Staircase The other thing I learned this past year is very much related to the first one I wrote about. In fact, I think they’re interrelated or intertwined. I think one of the reasons behind being a good coworker or employee is if you love what you do. That’s the other important thing I learned this past year. 2. Loving what you do makes all the difference We’ve all heard it. “If you love what you do, you won’t have to work a day in your life.” Well, […]

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The Countdown To My 29th Year

Music playing: Greenback Boogie by Ima Robot In a few days (4 starting tomorrow to be exact), I will be celebrating my 29th birthday. To a lot of people, that would be horrific but to me, I think it’s a milestone – definitely a good picture of God’s grace and love. I feel especially blessed this past year of my life, being abundant with adventures and overflowing with blessings. I guess to sort of countdown to my birthday, I want to share some things I learned / re-learned / was reassured of during the past year. I definitely learned a […]

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The Inconvenience of Love

Music playing: The Redemption Song by Bob Marley Tomorrow, the Philippines will once again try to make history as it calls for a #MillionPeopleMarch at the Luneta Grandstand. The march was assembled by taxpayers who have had just about enough of this long-running corrupt system (particularly the Pork Barrel). A lot of people I know would be going, my family included. The truth is, it would be inconvenient to go tomorrow. The traffic on weekdays are already hell as it is. I cannot imagine what it would be like tomorrow, a Monday, a holiday (but with some schools holding classes […]

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