Attempting to commemorate what goes on inside my head

The reality of loss

Music playing: Paglisan (Cover) Just barely two weeks ago, I lost a dear friend of mine from college to cardiac arrest. He was 26 years old when he died, and his name is Marco. Marco and I were not close in the sense that we went out every weekend, or had stories from way back about our families and all that. But we were close. In that we are true friends and could count on each other for support kind of close. And we did. After graduation, Marco would still email and text me about what was going on in […]

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A letter for the brokenhearted

Music playing:Carry On By Fun If you lost something or someone dear to you, if you are on the verge of giving up on something or someone, if you just closed the door on a chapter of your life that you thought would never end, if you feel stuck because the pain just haunts you in the most unexpected waking hours, if you cannot see farther than the wound inside you, if you just plain feel exhausted from everything and do not feel like things could ever get better, if you are running from something but you have forgotten what […]

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The power in saying no

Music playing:  Perfect Day by The Constellations Not too long ago (maybe a month and a half back), I got called in for an interview in this big, long running corporation. I applied for this job because it was titled as a part-time one. With my flexible working hours, I thought to myself, why not? The first interview was not so good in my opinion. I did not bring writing samples (I was not asked to but ya) and I couldn’t really outright tell the person who contacted me where I found the job opening (I sent out so many […]

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Open letter to: manong taxi driver

Song playing: Chasing Pavements by Adele Isang liham sa mga minamahal kong Metro Manila taxi drivers: *Sinulat ko ‘to sa English pero naisip ko na masmabibigyan ko siyang hustisya kung isulat ko sa Tagalog. (Former English version here) Alam mo isa sa mga pinakamasakit na pwedeng pagdaanan ng isang tao sa kanyang buhay ay kabiguan. Yung may gusto kang gawin o may gusto kang taong makasama pero inaayawan ka ng pagkakataon o hindi ganun din ang narararamdaman ng taong ‘yon para sayo. Ang sakit, ang hirap. Eh halos araw-araw mo kayang pagdaanan ‘yon. Diba nakakapagod? Kaya nga sumusulat ako ngayon. […]

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The Beauty of Letting Go

Music playing: You Gotta Be by Des’ree When I was a teenager, I remember trying out almost everything that everyone was trying out. Take for example facial cleansers. I bought this popular facial wash just because that was the “in” product then — all the local and foreign teen magazines advertised it, the celebrities endorsed it and my friends used it. I’m not saying the product isn’t good. I’m sure it is but I chose it for all the wrong reasons. It was not for my skin. But I insisted that it was because almost everyone I knew back then […]

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