Maternity photoshoot of Star, Dom and Daphne Marie

I have always known that I am pretty good at multitasking. But I have always viewed multitasking as a skill – something required and useful to survive. I have never seen it as a gift, something I can derive happiness from… until recently.

One day, I was just asking my longest time best friend, Sandra, what she plans to have during her pregnancy with her first child. She spilled that she wants to have a maternity photoshoot but their dream photographer might be a far off idea.

Lo and behold, dreams do come true. The maternity photoshoot with her dream photographer Sheila Catilo took place. It was fun, and felt like a little bit of an adventure. It was my first time in ages in the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife in Quezon City. The photoshoot was held there, and it was the easiest place to book. Others had many fees, difficult to contact, etc.

No regrets. The place had many potential spots for a photoshoot and with the magic of a brilliant photographer, was really beautiful.

It was before, during and after the photoshoot that I realized how enjoyable multitasking can be. Coordinating for the photoshoot was exhilarating but definitely worthwhile. Ms.Sheila was fun to work with — very down to earth, inspiring (she’s a mom so I’m sure she already has her hands full but she still takes time to do photoshoots!), and smart. She is really dedicated to her craft, going out of her way to get the best shot, no matter how seemingly inconvenient it may seem. The photos came out wonderful, and Sandra and Dom are happy with the results (see some selected photos below). The Catilo crew (her assistants) were also good to work with.

The maternity photoshoot felt a lot like a prenuptial one but of course the props are different and the emotions that go into it are as well. Sandra gave birth already and I am sure Daphne Marie would love her mom’s maternity photoshoot when she takes a look at it years from now :)

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