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Three years and forever

Music Playing: Everything by Michael BublĂ© There is this video going around of Nicole Kidman on The Tonight Show. It is a hilarious and heartwarming video of how Nicole basically admitted that she liked Jimmy but on their first and only “date,” it was awkward and there were so many mismatched signals, etc. Obviously, it […]

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The Countdown To My 29th Year (Part 3)

Music playing: All You Need Is Love by The Beatles Obviously, I did not get around to writing this entry on the day that I had hoped to. My birthday was wonderful — filled with lovely people and food. Lots of them that’s why by the time I got home, I was too exhausted to […]

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The Countdown To My 29th Year (Part 2)

Music playing: I Love You More Today Than Yesterday by The Spiral Staircase The other thing I learned this past year is very much related to the first one I wrote about. In fact, I think they’re interrelated or intertwined. I think one of the reasons behind being a good coworker or employee is if […]

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Holding My Breath

Music playing: Worn by Tenth North Avenue I hold my breath. The other day I was watching this yoga video and the instructor was showing the proper way of inhaling and exhaling. I was trying it out for myself and I realized that when I exhale, I didn’t exhale fully. I stopped and monitored how […]

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The Beauty of Letting Go

Music playing: You Gotta Be by Des’ree When I was a teenager, I remember trying out almost everything that everyone was trying out. Take for example facial cleansers. I bought this popular facial wash just because that was the “in” product then — all the local and foreign teen magazines advertised it, the celebrities endorsed […]

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