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He knows and that’s all I need to know

So this is Annie Downs’ entry on Nicole Kidman’s appearance at The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. And it was just wonderful. I remember how God also made me experience this truth in my life. Back in college, I had a friend. We were very close. We had so many common interests – books, sarcasm, […]

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The measurement of life

Music Playing: Royals by Lorde HAPPY NEW YEAR! HAPPY 2014 TO YOU! I was rummaging through my thoughts on what my first entry would be this 2014, and I came across this article that my friend posted on another friend’s article on the local daily broadsheet, Inquirer. It’s spot on. It was moving, thought provocative, […]

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The Countdown To My 29th Year (Part 2)

Music playing: I Love You More Today Than Yesterday by The Spiral Staircase The other thing I learned this past year is very much related to the first one I wrote about. In fact, I think they’re interrelated or intertwined. I think one of the reasons behind being a good coworker or employee is if […]

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A letter for the brokenhearted

Music playing:Carry On By Fun If you lost something or someone dear to you, if you are on the verge of giving up on something or someone, if you just closed the door on a chapter of your life that you thought would never end, if you feel stuck because the pain just haunts you […]

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The Beauty of Letting Go

Music playing: You Gotta Be by Des’ree When I was a teenager, I remember trying out almost everything that everyone was trying out. Take for example facial cleansers. I bought this popular facial wash just because that was the “in” product then — all the local and foreign teen magazines advertised it, the celebrities endorsed […]

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