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***As of January 2014, Jacob’s has closed down :( ***

It was one of those days when you wanted to eat some place new and you would not settle for the usual suspects.

We used looloo and Google map to search the area for a place we have not tried. We saw one but when we went to where it supposedly was, we could not find it.

My brother suggested Jacob’s, the newly opened diner in our building. I vaguely remember reading its flyer posted on our fridge. With no other options we decided to go there. We were again at a loss to where it was. We saw the lighted sign outside the building but could not figure out how to get there (yes we did climb the steps to the second floor and went back down haha).

Finally we asked the lobby guard and he pointed to a man with his son about to enter the elevator. The guard called out to them, informed them we were going to Jacob’s and he told us to follow them.

It turns out they are the owners! Jacob’s is located at the upper ground parking level of our building. When we entered, I was immediately reminded of a high school canteen slash the traditional looking dining rooms in our province.

The verdict? We loved it. There was a personal touch to everything – service, plates, design, food. The servings are more than enough but not too filling. Price is awesome (ranges from 90-185).

They also have a little bit of everything – breakfast and main courses (meat to vegetables).

The adobo flakes that I ordered could have been “toastier” to my preference but it was quite good. (I love the heart-shaped saucer!)

The longganisa my boyfriend had was tasty and the chicken cordon bleu my brother got was full of flavor as well. Oh, most meals came with a glass of iced tea.

We took out a pesto for my dad and he was not too fond of it because he wanted it to have more garlic but my brother and I liked it. We like the creaminess that goes well with the cheese.

Definitely will go back.




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