Newfound love for ramen: Kichitora

My brother just passed the civil service exam along with one of my dear girls from my group in church and naturally, it called for a celebration. I don’t know if it started as a joke but we actually managed to convince my brother to treat us to lunch. He chose to treat us in Kichitora, the fairly new ramen restaurant in the Atrium at SM Megamall.

When he told me it was a ramen place, I couldn’t help but feel a bit disappointed. Japanese cuisine is truly one of my favorite cuisines but I have to admit that I am not a big fan of the ramen category (I absolutely love maki rolls and sashimis and tempuras and Japanese fried rice and all that). My brother read my face and immediately he assured me that this place might actually change the way I feel about ramen. He also admitted that he wasn’t a ramen person but this place changed all of that.

He discovered the place through a Japanese friend of his that is working in the Philippines for a certain period of time. He told my brother about Kichitora because he heard from the people at his office (he works in a Japanese travel magazine based here in Manila) that a ramen place from Japan is opening a branch in Megamall.

Kichitora1The menu is really simple and straightforward. Just several ramen and a few other dishes plus of course the basic drinks. We asked what the bestseller is and they recommended the white chicken ramen which is what my brother suggested as well.

We ordered only a bowl for the three of us because my brother was sick that day and he was not up for a lot of eating (it sucks, right? And it’s his treat! Haha). He told us the bowl is big and filling so we really opted to just get one. I also ordered a chicken karaage and one of my favorites, a plate of gyoza.

Kichitora5  Kichitora

Kichitora4Verdict? The ramen was gooooodddd. The soup was thick with flavor. You could really tell. The noodles were just right, and the chicken was cooked just right as well. It was so simple but it was so good. The gyoza was good as well and I liked dipping the chicken in the gyoza sauce.

Apart from having to ask the waitress for water about 5 times, we all enjoyed our dining experience in Kichitora. I am actually looking forward to try out the other things on the menu including this spicy noodle with minced pork dish they have.

The price is not that bad for the big servings (getting one bowl was the right decision) and the quality of the food.


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