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A few weeks ago, one of my good friends from high school came back from the States to see her sister who recently got married.

I haven’t seen this friend for a while and so I wanted to take her to somewhere she’s never been before — so scratch all the new restaurant franchises that are now available here, as well as the burger joints (even if they’re drool worthy). My other friends and I took a long time exchanging messages in Facebook just deciding where to meet her.

She did tell us that she was going to be in Maginhawa that day. As if that narrowed it down — Maginhawa is a street known for its rich mix of restaurants.

Anyway, we finally decided on a cafe but it turned out that it was close that day. That left us with option no.2. And fortunately, it didn’t disappoint. In fact, it was such a great treat.

We went to Pipino, this vegetarian restaurant that creates all these unique dishes from locally grown fruits and vegetables. (BTW, it’s not really on Maginhawa but on Malingap street which is very close to Maginhawa)

The ambiance of the restaurant is nice — light and warm. The design is very casual — will make you feel right at home with the wood-patterned floors, brick walls, and comfortable chairs.

When we arrived (my boyfriend and I were the last ones to arrive), after giving and receiving one of the best hugs I’ve gotten this year from my balikbayan friend, my other friend urged me to taste the green apple-flavored beer I’ve heard so much about. It was good :) (I know there are other flavors such as honeymansi, and watermelon).

Ordering was hard. There was actually a vegetarian menu and a non-vegetarian menu. The vegetarian menu comes from Pipino the purely vegetarian restaurant just beside it. We all agreed that everything on both menus seemed delicious.

Two of my friends ordered the Kare-Kareng bagnet. Initially they wanted to just share the meal but since it really, really seemed good, they both decided to get it individually.

It IS worth getting solo because it’s SO good :)

I got the creamy pesto with wasabi onion rings.


My boyfriend ordered a pesto pasta with tuyo flakes on it.


We both enjoyed our orders.

My friend got the bacon and cheese stuffed chicken breast which she enjoyed too but it was heavy for one person she says.

My other friend got a mac and cheese (spelled as Mac N’ Cheeze) with nutritional yeast.


I want to go back to the place to order the other stuff like the tofu skewers and maybe try the other flavored beers :)

For more information, check out their website at: and

(Budget is P150-300).

*Mac n’ Cheeze photo courtesy of Margaux M.


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