The road to Guevarra’s

The road to Guevarra’s buffet lunch was long and winding, but definitely worth it.

No, it wasn’t because it was far. In fact it’s just along P.Guevarra St. in San Juan.

The road to Guevarra’s was long because there was a long line of people constantly waiting to be seated. We attempted to eat there on several (special) occasions, and failed. It was that packed.

Guevarra’s is owned by Chef Jackie Laudico who’s known for cooking up fantastic twists to Filipino-Spanish dishes, as well as baking sweet goodies.

Anyway, she’s a client of my mom’s and she has been inviting us over. They have a lunch buffet for 399 on weekdays and dinner buffet for 499.

So one day, we wanted to celebrate the rain stopping (it was that horrible week of non-stop rain in August) and my brother’s new job. We went there, all thinking it’s a Thursday, late afternoon, no one would be there. Besides it’s a buffet.

As we pulled up in the driveway, we were shocked to see cars parked outside on the curb already. When we got into the area, there were so many people scattered on the grounds, sitting, and there was loooooong line coming from the door.

This couldn’t be the line for the buffet? But it was. It was. We even overheard people saying they reserved that morning.

We ended up eating somewhere else. First attempt.

Oh, but the place is beautiful. It’s a 1920s house fixed up and re-designed inside but the lawn, the house itself, the interiors, the lighting, it was beautiful. We became more determined to eat there.

Second attempt: Dad’s birthday. Forgot to make a reservation again. Line was equally, if not longer, than the first time. Oh my goodness.

Third attempt: made a reservation in the morning. Mom was out of town and we had exactly 4 gift certificates to the buffet expiring. Perfect opportunity. On our way there, we get a call from my mom saying the reservation is confirmed already but my brother read the fine print on the gift certificates stating it’s only honored on weekdays. Got to be kidding! We cheered ourselves up by deciding to go to a nearby grill we haven’t been in awhile. We were already sitting down when my mom called and she said chef said they were mistaken to put the last date on the GCs on a weekend so it will be honored.

Oh my goodness. When we got to the place, I gave my name for the reservation. They smiled and lead us to our supposed table. Only it was taken already! Haha. Turns out my mom gave the company’s name for the reservation and someone from our company also made one doing that. We were laughing already in disbelief.

But finally, FINALLY, a table freed up.

And we went to the buffet table immediately and the sight of kare-kare, angus beef tapa, pork liempo, crispy pata, vegetarian pizzas, ice cream, rice cakes, tilapia with a mango escabeche sauce, the crispy shrimps… Oh, all our frustrations dissolved.

While eating, we just couldn’t stop nodding and saying, “this is good.” All around us, we could hear foodies saying the same, comparing Guevarra’s to other buffet places they’ve recently been to. It was like a home away from home. I mean it’s literally a house. And you see families, friends, couples just enjoying themselves. The place rang with laughter and goodhearted chuckles.

You should try it. I mean, I want to go back there. And I will definitely make a reservation. Probably a week ahead of time hahaha.

(Sorry photos are with random people. The place was really crowded).



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