It was a Thursday evening and we were looking for the perfect place to have dinner and stay late to catch up with  a friend we have not seen in  a while.

We were set to go to a 24-hour resto-pub but when we got there, the place was closed to the public to accommodate an event. On the way to another venue, one of my friends suggested Sidebar at El Pueblo. Hmmm, I have not been there in a long time and the last time I was there, it was very smoky, dark and… I just didn’t like it.

But my friend said she heard it’s been renovated. We all agreed to go there instead. Besides, the last time I was there, I did not stay long enough to give the place a chance. Maybe this will be a turnaround.

And turnaround it was. I loved the place. The music was good. The interiors were very classy, modern and playful at the same time (I loved the huge, huge mirror propped on the wall!). I was not able to take a photo (Sorry. But the mirror is really beautiful). The music was good. Did I say the music was good? It was a flashback to our teens from Oasis to Dishwalla to Third Eye Blind to Verve Pipe to NSync to All Saints… it was just awesome. Food was good too, and drinks were affordable.

When we went there for the second time though, we did not like the music so much. It was a Friday night and it was LOUD, very smoky and we were shouting at each other across the table just to hear each other. (Or maybe we were just getting old haha).

Oh, when I asked two of my longest time friends to meet up there one night, we were also able to order from the restaurant next to eat, Chateau 1771. I assume the two restaurants have the same owner. That was a good dinner too.

Below are some snapshots of our orders and the menu :)

Sidebar can be found in El Pueblo in Ortigas Center :)

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