The Countdown To My 29th Year (Part 3)


Beautiful artwork drawn by my boyfriend on his birthday card for me — symbols of the things we both love :)

Music playing: All You Need Is Love by The Beatles

Obviously, I did not get around to writing this entry on the day that I had hoped to.

My birthday was wonderful — filled with lovely people and food. Lots of them that’s why by the time I got home, I was too exhausted to sit up and write a post.

I wanted to the next morning but then super typhoon Yolanda (international name – Haiyan) came. And I was called in for duty. Yolanda pretty much took all my waking hours for the next two weeks. By the time my coverage duty was over, my only desire was to rest.

But today, thankfully, I have ample time and silence to write the third most significant takeaway I had from my 28th year.

Here it is: The cheesy stuff like true love, true friends and goodness are actually all true.

The statement sounds kinda sad but I’m looking at it from a hopeful perspective.

Though I am an optimist by nature, experiences in my life have dulled my positivity and increased my cynicism. Over the years, I have experienced betrayal and departures that wounded me more deeply than I would like to believe. So for the past recent couple of years, I was wary of people, and saw the worst in most circumstances that involved them.

This past year, I cannot say that I was exempted from relational heartaches. There was one or two things that I could say took a toll on my heart. A friendship built on deception discovered, and some letting go and leaving of long standing ones.

Yet despite and in the midst of all of that… I don’t know what happened exactly, maybe it was an unconscious decision that could be attributed to that still existing positive person inside digging deep, but I became more grateful. I saw things from a different set of eyes.

I saw the people who stayed, who keep staying, and I saw the abundance of love that was keeping me together all throughout my life.

I decided to stop dwelling on the crappy things and challenged myself to search for the cheesy stuff and found that they were all actually true.

So, thank You. Thank You for showering me with love even when I could not see it, even when I was not aware that it was there or even when I refused to recognize its existence.

I am so blessed —

  • With my family: Always a place to come home to. As they say, pagbali-baliktarin mo man ang mundo, pamilya ay pamilya.
  • My dream guy Luis: Thank you. For everything. For showing me that a prince, a knight, actually exists. And thank you for being more than all of that. And thank you for echoing the truth that a man’s heart when surrendered to God can be a very beautiful thing. Thank you for being a true picture of what commitment looks like. And for reassuring me that all the working out and the messiness of a relationship is worth it, because I am worth it. :)
  • My extended family from all over the country and the world: Blessed to have a place to stay in wherever I go! Hahaha. Was extremely fortunate to have finally connected with my cousins in Australia, too :)
  • Friends from way back into childhood and elementary: Years. Years, my darlings. Thank you. Thank you for staying. Thank you for building histories with me :)
  • High school lovely lunch group: From the lunch table and beyond – you have all proven to be the best mementos I have from those confusing years haha. Thank you for remaining true to who you are, and for keeping me dreaming despite all the changes. Oh, and the inside jokes. Oh they never get old :)
  • My girls: Philippians 1:3. Through good times and bad :)
  • Church family: Unconditional love? Check. Perseverance? Check. Accountability? Check. Thank you for the stretching, pruning and growing seasons of my life. They were undoubtedly some of the best :)
  • My grad school super friends: God blessed me with all of you. You give flavor, sunshine, and lots of music to my life. You’re the tight hugs and the warm soup on any bad day :)
  • My UP kickass buddies: College was fun, but life now is even more fun. Thank you! Your minds are always so exciting to engage with, and yet it is so refreshing to enjoy the simplest joys of life with you :)
  • My talented friends that I met at work who have become like family: You have humbled me with your talent in more ways than you know and I am forever grateful for our learning experiences. My sense of comfort with you guys probably knows no limits. Thank you for the acceptance in the worst moments. Thank you because I found a treasure in my relationships with you :)
  • My brothas and sistahs from another motha (Jan’s friends): Thank you for keeping my young self intact, and for making me feel a part of your life almost as much as my dear brother is. Seeing you all grow up (and old) has been fun and a privilege. Cheers to more graduations, milestones, weddings, movies, food, etc.
  • Luis’ awesome circle of friends and family: Thank you for taking me in and embracing me as one of yours :)

Thank you for making my life a valuable gift. Thank you for making it mean something :)

I know a lot of tragic and heartbreaking things have happened this 2013, but I just pray that in the midst of all the pain, we all get to have the courage to listen to that tiny voice within that tells us there is hope. And everything could get better. And everything actually could be beautiful, even now.

Happy, blessed 29 years to me :)



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