Three years and forever

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There is this video going around of Nicole Kidman on The Tonight Show. It is a hilarious and heartwarming video of how Nicole basically admitted that she liked Jimmy but on their first and only “date,” it was awkward and there were so many mismatched signals, etc. Obviously, it didn’t work out (watch how Jimmy just allows the fact to sink in that Nicole Kidman liked him) and Nicole says, “It wasn’t meant to be.” Annie Downs writes a blog entry with a beautiful perspective on it (You can read the blog entry plus my insights here).

In Annie’s entry, there’s a comforting, strong line that goes “God knows the chances I feel I have missed. He knows that often what I call a ‘miss,’ He calls a ‘rescue.'”

When I read that, I thought about Luis. I sent the link of the blog entry to him and wrote, “For the record, I don’t think I’ve missed out on anyone ever since I met you.”

And that truth just outweighed all the messiness in my scared heart. I thank God for that realization.

You see, we just celebrated our three years together earlier this month and though I know that is a wonderful feat and I do a victory dance for it… All my anxieties and fears about long relationships came tumbling to the surface, too.

Are we going to make it? I am so sure, but what if he’s not? What if he is not who he appears to be? I just know this is it, but what if life pulls out the rug from underneath me again?

It’s that small percentage that we leave to uncertainty that just rattled me for the past month. I have imagined all sorts of what-I-did-not-see-coming-scenarios.

People think that the longer you are together, the stronger the guarantee is that you will make it. Sure, a long shared history contributes to the decision to continue to work things out, but it is not the only thing, nor is it the most important. I have had two long-term, serious relationships and they both ended up pretty badly.

But Luis’ persevering, consistent love that went hand in hand with God’s faithfulness and truth, just continued to place layer after layer of comfort over my cynical, traumatized heart.

And Annie’s blog, along with Nicole Kidman laughing at a bewildered Jimmy Fallon, just reassured me all over again that I am where and with the relationship I am supposed to be in.

Three years just flew by and now I really do know what it means to meet someone who makes me realize why it never worked out with anyone else.

Luis is the one. And looking back on how lovely and meaningful the three years have been, I just cannot wait for the rest of our lives together (but I will).






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